#IAmMySister / Woman, Give! / Woman, Heal! / Woman, Live!

Vulnerability is Courage

What if…

I’m not pretty enough.

I’m not educated enough.

I’m not experienced enough.

I’m not out-going enough.

I’m not quick witted enough.

I’m not brave enough.

I’m not thin enough.

I’m not stylish enough.

I’m not confident enough.

I’m not wise enough.

I’m not intelligent enough.

I’m not popular enough.

I’m not interesting enough.

I’m not cultured enough.

I am not enough.

And, because I’m scared that I’m not enough, I will not open up to you and show you my true self because then you’ll know that I don’t believe I’m enough. So, I’m going to fake it. I’m going to let you think that I have it altogether because it takes courage to be vulnerable and tell you the truth.

Have you been there?

What is your fear?

What is your shame?

I’ve deemed Mondays “Imperfect Monday”. Every Monday, I will share one woman’s story. (Her name and any identifying information will be excluded.) After her story is published, I want all of us who have been there, are in the same boat currently, have an uplifting word for her, prayer, support group, etc. to rally around her, stand with her, and love on her.

Click here for more information on Imperfect Monday.

I hope you’ll be brave enough to share your story with all of us here.  We’re ready to stand with you.

With Love,

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