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One Sure Fire Way To Help EVERYONE Around You

I just finished an interview with a young lady I went to high school with. We were talking about some of her struggles and she said,

“Be honest because when you’re not honest you’re not helping anyone. We have all of these silent struggles. If everyone would just be honest and admit that we’re all screwed up, we’d be better off.”

Not to steal her shine, but I’ve been saying this for years! It’s true! (Check out last week’s post!) We’ve been taught to make sure the outside looks good. Don’t let anyone see you hurting. Don’t let anyone know the truth. Do you know what this mentality does? It leaves everyone feeling afraid to tell the truth! This creates isolation. This creates the illusion that you’re alone on this rough journey called life. Some of our closest friends are hurting, but we’re so judgmental they don’t feel they can share their struggle with us. Someone wants to open up to you, but your life appears to be so perfect and put together that they’re intimidated. Someone believes that you don’t have any issues. Why is that? Is it because you work so hard to keep the outside polished while the inside is a hot mess? Well, guess what. We’re all living both sides of the coin. We have silent struggles too, don’t we? There are stories we haven’t told. We’re also afraid of being judged. And, we’re afraid of letting go of that facade we’ve worked so hard to create and maintain. Let it go! It’s killing me and it’s killing you!

In good ole’ Brandi fashion, I have what I believe is a good first step to helping each other also known as a solution.

Imperfect Monday

Every Monday, you’re invited to share your truth! And, all the women that either have experienced it in the past or is currently experiencing it will stand with you. Imperfect Monday is a tool that allows you to share your story (publicly or anonymously), get feedback, AND realize that you are not alone. My grandma used to say, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” You haven’t done anything for the first time ever in history. Someone else has done it. Someone else has been there. It’s time we take off our masks and say, “I’ve been there. I survived. This is how…” <–THIS is a surefire way to help everyone around us.

How to share: 

  • Please go to http://ask.fm/Iambhawthorne to ask your question or share your story. Every Monday I will chose one story to share via my blog, Facebook wall, and Twitter. We will stand with you, offer prayer, offer resources, support, and love.

I have a feeling you’re going to be surprised by how many women have been and are currently where you are RIGHT NOW!

If you’d like to reach out to anyone who comments, you’re more than welcome to do so.

Please share Imperfect Monday with every woman you know. In the words of my high school friend, the sooner we all admit that we’re screwed up, the better off we’ll be.

With Love,

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