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Are You Speaking The Opposite of What You Want?


A young lady was presented with a great opportunity to travel abroad. She’s been waiting for something new and exciting to happen for her. She’s never traveled abroad before. She’s never flown in a plane before. Huge opportunity! A few weeks ago (just imagining the opportunity) she would have said,

“I wish I could do that!”

“I can’t wait until I’m able to travel.”

“I would be so excited!”

But, now that the opportunity was a few days away her statements were full of doubt, hesitation, and negativity.

“I’m so scared.” 

“This is going to be different.”


“It’s making my stomach hurt.” 

Does this sound like a person who feels like she’s about to embark on an opportunity of a lifetime?! No. This sounds like someone going into surgery. Thumbs down!!

But, we’ve all been there, haven’t we?! I know I have! A year ago I moved to Guam. I remember sitting around the dinner table at my in-law’s house saying,

“It’s going to be different.”

“I think I’ll get homesick around the holidays.”

“98 degrees for Christmas. I don’t know about that.”

My cousin-in-law said, “If you keep speaking that way, you will get homesick.” So, I said, “I’m going to have a blast in Guam.” He smiled and said, “Now, you will!”

We’re all allowed to be uncertain and a bit nervous about new experiences. But, the key is remaining positive!

“I don’t know what this is going to look like, but I’m so excited!” 

“I’m a little nervous about a new culture, but I can’t wait to see a new part of the world!” 

“I’ve never been on a plane, but thank you God for this opportunity and your protection along the way.” 

Speaking with positivity doesn’t diminish the truth that you’re nervous as heck! I’m not asking you to be fake. Speak your truth, but speak it with an uplifting and positive perspective that calms and excites you instead of keep you in that rut of negativity.

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What are you going to speak about differently? 

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