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Confession: I’m Lazy in the Appearance Department (Am I Alone?)

Confession: If I have to choose between having some “me” time, going to bed, or ironing my clothes for the next morning…you should know by the title of this blog post which will be the first to go.

So now that I’ve been all vulnerable with you, it’s your turn!

Where my ladies who love seeing winter coming because they don’t have to shave?! C’mon! I know you’re out there. What about you ladies  who have no idea where your head scarf is because you haven’t worn it in months. Dry hair & split ends much? Ok. Maybe your hair and legs are together. Take those shoes and socks off. How are those toes looking? Been to the gym lately? Stand with me ladies! Your secret is safe with me! And, please know that you’re not alone!

I’m a SAHM right now and I don’t think I’ve combed my hair in 3 days. I only lotion my legs on Sunday because they’re exposed. And, my lips are chapped as I sit here and type this blog post. Yes, it’s a shame. Yes, it’s a scandal. But, it’s TRUE. And, we all need a little more truth in our lives! And, I know I’m not the only one! There are women who rock a full face of makeup and stiletto heels on the daily. (And, I admire them!) I’m just not one of them. But, that doesn’t give me permission to let myself go (which I TOTALLY have). And, let’s not mention the fact that I have a husband. *Hangs head in shame.* Can I blame my 3 year old? I could, but the truth is, I’ve never been a glamour girl. But, I have been happier with my appearance and it’s time to get back to my happy place.

So, I realize it’s time for a change! *Fist Pump* Not because I want to be sexy for my husband. (And, I do.) Not because I want to look hot among my girlfriends. (And, I do.) Not because I’ve been watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and their bodies make me drool! (Flipping the channel.) It’s time for a change because as comfortable as it is to be a bum, it makes me unhappy! Yes, there are some things that will take more than a day to achieve (like my 40 lb. weight loss and desperate need of a new wardrobe), but most things I can do in 24 hours if I make them a priority. <—Therein lies the problem!

I don’t make my appearance a priority. It’s much easier to roll out of bed, slap some moisturizer in my hair and a headband, throw on some clothes and roll out than it is to iron clothes the night before, style my hair, moisturize my face, you get the picture! But, I have the same 24 hours as everyone else. I’m almost 30. Time to grow up. Time to make my appearance a priority! Are you with me?!

My plan:

  • Today I polished my toes for the first time in 5 months. (I’m hi-fiving the computer screen so you better be giving it back!)
  • This week I plan to deep condition, trim, and flat iron my hair (even though I live on an island where humidity is KING and it’ll probably revert back in 24 hours).
  • Even if I’m not wearing my hair straight, I will take care of my natural curls and style them to the best of my ability.
  • I’m already working out! One point for me!
  • I got to bed last night at 7PM. Maybe that was a tad too early because I woke up at 3AM, but I’m not tired today (hence the blogging!) so I think an earlier bedtime would do me some good.
  • I started taking a women’s multivitamin and Biotin (vitamin for skin, nails, and hair) today.
  • I already shower. Are you surprised? LOL. So, I can easily shave once a week. I’m not THAT lazy! (No offense to my unshaven ladies.)
  • I have 800 bottles of Bath & Body Work’s lotion. I’ll hand one to my husband before my shower. ; )
  • I need a good face cleanser and moisturizer. Suggestions? (P.S. I have dry & sensitive skin.)
  • Wardrobe…I refuse to dress up my obesity. I just do. Don’t try to change my mind. BUT…I’m working out and losing weight AND looking forward to shopping in the near future!
  • Eyebrows…I’ll take a trip the mall soon.

Did I miss anything?

Share your “I’m not a put-together woman, either” story with me! I need to know I’m not alone. And, let’s get our sexy back, together! 

With Love,

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