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30 Before 30 Bucket List (8/30): (VIDEOS & PHOTOS) Don’t Overthink It! Our “Unprepared” Boonie Stomp to Priests Pools

As soon I moved to Guam, I did what anyone does when they move to a new place. I googled all the fun things to do on the island! Boonie Stomping (also known as hiking) is very popular on Guam. Every weekend, the Boonie Stompers head out for their weekend hike. And, I knew, despite my fear of spiders, snakes, and pretty much anything that crawls, I had to boonie stomp at least once! So, when I created my 30 Before 30 bucket list, you know one thing that was sure to be on there! I had heard that Priests Pools was an easy hike, which was important because I wanted our first hike to be a family hike and we have a 3 year old daughter. One Friday night I’m browsing The Guam Guide when I see that Boonie Stompers are hiking to…..(drum roll please)…..Priests Pools! When? The next morning!! We had to go! I took a look at the what to bring list. Oh boy! We had some shopping to do.My husband went to Kmart to pick up the required items and came back with half of what we needed. Hmmm…  If we had the money, we would have looked like we were going to battle! Camouflage everything! But, we hadn’t budgeted for hiking so that meant no to the $50 hiking boots, $15 gloves, and $20 book bag. We were officially unprepared. Then, I said to myself, “This is our first hike and it’s supposed to be easy which means we probably don’t need every item on the list. I mean, Lauren said she went hiking in shorts and tennis shoes. We’re going.” So, after persuading my husband that we wouldn’t die without hiking boots and a machete, he went out to purchase a few necessities like hats, sunglasses, and a regular ole’ book bag from Ross. (We shop at Ross since we don’t have a Target or Walmart. We have the largest Kmart in the world which means all the tourists frequent it which means the prices are jacked up! So Ross it is.)  The next morning, I packed our PB&J sandwiches and we headed to Chamorro Village to meet the Boonie Stompers.  We get there and guess what. Everyone has on shorts and tennis shoes and the hiking organizers were selling gloves for $1/pair! : ) We were good!


Don’t overthink it! 

I’m not suggesting you go boonie stomping in flip flops! Definitely apply your common sense when trying new things. However, don’t become overly focused on all the things you don’t have! Get the necessities: hats, sunglasses, bug spray, sun screen, good tennis shoes, plenty of water, a lunch, and HAVE FUN!


Whenever you try to step outside of your comfort zone, there will always be that voice that says, “You’re not prepared. You can’t do it. Something will go wrong. Go back to the familiar.” Press mute and do it anyway!

Experience our hike (in picture & video)! 


{$1 gloves}





{We haven’t seen a cow in over a year so we were pretty excited about the cows!}

Because it was liberation weekend, we hiked to a couple of memorial sites where Chamorros (native Guam people) were told to hide in a cave and then bombed. (Read the complete story here.)



{On site where the Chamorros were massacred}

And, then we headed over the mountain to Preists Pools. Some people drove their cars, but that would have defeated the purpose! After arguing over hiking boots and gloves, we were going to HIKE if it killed us! So, we set out…





{The view was amazing!}




{My 2nd favorite pic!}


We finally reached Priests Pools! I dared my husband to jump in.


We dripped dry, ate lunch, and headed back! We were so glad we came despite our “unpreparedness.”

And, we knew it wouldn’t be our last!


{My favorite pic!}

What’s the last thing you crossed off your bucket list? 

Have you ever done something without being fully prepared? How did it turn out? Were you glad you just went with it? 

With Love,

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