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I Am My Sister Hashtag Party & Tweet Chat THIS WEEKEND & All The Reasons You Should Be There

I’m so excited about this weekend!

This Saturday, August 3rd, @ 4PM EST, I’m hosting the I Am My Sister hashtag party on Twitter. And, this Sunday, August 4th, @ 7PM EST, I’m hosting the I Am My Sister Tweet Chat! I hope you’re attending!

Almost one month ago I announced the I Am My Sister Initiative. At this time, I Am My Sister is for black women only. This isn’t to say that all women aren’t my sister because they are. But, I have to admit that there’s a special place in my heart for my black sisters. I was raised by black women, I am a black woman, and I will raise black daughters. Naturally, the plight of black sisterhood has always been a heart issue for me. At times the issue appears so large and deeply rooted that I want to erase it from my mind. And, when I lived in my birth state, South Carolina, I could do just that. I was surrounded with black women, even if they were only my family members. Living on a small island where seeing another black woman is like finding Silk Soy Milk on sale (rarely happens), I realize how much the friendship of other black women mean to me. I haven’t met a black woman on Guam that didn’t say, “I’m so happy to see another black woman!” Hugs and smiles run rampant! Even still, I know that there are so many divisions among black women, some that were created by others and some that we created ourselves. If we’re honest, we’ve all had moments where we have cringed at or looked down on our sister because of her language, her attitude, her style of dress or lack of education. We hoped to not be associated with her kind. And, we’ve all had women that we secretly wished we could imitate. She appeared to be everything we were striving so hard to become. And, we hated her for that afraid that we’d never get our piece of the pie.

True Story. 

When I became pregnant with my daughter, I was on WIC. I felt so out of place at those WIC appointments. We are so different, I thought to myself. I have a degree. My daughter’s father is in the home. I hope I don’t see anyone I know. I’d sit there judging those women up until the moment class started. The facilitator would open up discussion and we’d each chime in with our parenting experiences, questions, and even suggestions for each other. In that moment, we were all the same. Low-income moms raising our babies the best way we knew how. Truth is, we were all the same before we even stepped foot in that door, but my pride wouldn’t allow me to see it. I had an “idea” of what WIC recipients looked like, acted like and I wasn’t a part of that picture. You have a story, too. You’ve judged your sister. And, maybe you weren’t fortunate enough to be mandated to sit with her and hear her story, the one that erases all the critical thoughts you originally had. But, I guarantee you,  she has a story, one that will make you regret every unkind thought. Every woman you meet has a story that will make you wish you hadn’t judged that book by it’s cover. But, we’ll never know that if we continue to walk past the book without so much as browsing the pages.

I hope I Am My Sister will prompt all of us to ask, “What is your story?” And, then be brave enough to say, “Me, too. Let’s help each other heal.” I hope I Am My Sister will prompt us to connect and uplift one another instead of divide and defame one another. I hope that whenever we pass another black sister, we smile and wink at her instead of harden our faces and turn our heads. We’re all hurting. We’re just not talking about it because we don’t trust that our sister won’t use our story against us.  I hope I Am My Sister will change that.

I asked other black bloggers why they were in support of I Am My Sister Initiative and this is what they had to say:

Anytime I can support or be a part of something for women, I’m there! I’m looking forward to spreading a positive message.

I’m very open to learning how to be a better friend, supporter, woman & sister.

I hope I Am my Sister will create a more positive, welcoming environment for sisters. I also hope this will be a conversation where black women connect and feel like “sisters” afterall.

Why are you in support of I Am My Sister Initiative? 

I can’t wait to read your responses in the comments!

See you this weekend!

Love your sister, 

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