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(PHOTOS) Introducing Weigh-In Wednesday!

weigh-in wednesday photoIntroducing….

Weigh-In Wednesday

Welcome to Weigh-In Wednesday!

Weigh-in Wednesday was inspired by Lauren over at Tennessee Honey. (She’s so cute!)

For all the newbies…

I’m on a weight-loss journey to lose 40 lbs.

Largest weight: 195 lbs. (2011) See picture.

Dropped to: 180 lbs. (2012) See picture. 

Current weight: 169 lbs. See picture at 172 lbs. (I look the same.)

{Me at 172 lbs.}

comparison 195 n 180

{Me at 195 lbs. and 180 lbs.}

I love looking at old pictures! They are a good way to measure progress. I mean, look at my face at 195! I had NO IDEA!

I’ll be posting daily workout pictures on Instagram and Facebook. You can follow my caloric intake on myfitnesspal.com. But, all the juicy details (including my weekly weigh-in) will only be posted here! (Have you subscribed yet?!)

I’m so excited about the almost 30 lbs. I’ve lost! And, I can’t wait to lose the next 40!

Be sure to leave any comments/questions in the comment box below!

See you Wednesday!

With Love,

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