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{#ItsTime} Weight-Loss Journey: A Note for My Sister, Taria

*Note: I called Taria by her website name, Regal Realness, all throughout the video because before now I didn’t know her name! I also didn’t realize that her website consisted of a team of writers which means saying “Regal Realness” is addressing them as a whole. Ooops! From now on, I’ll say Taria! *

This morning, I woke up thinking of the promises I made this weekend to Taria and myself. “This week I’m going hard! We got this!” This being working out, eating healthy, losing weight, and getting fit. Taria is my twiend (Twitter friend). Aside from tweeting about weight loss and responding to each other’s blog posts, we don’t know each other. Yet, I still felt a strong sense of accountability this morning….like not working out would be letting her down. So, I decided to record a video specifically for her (and anyone else who needs a little kick in the tush this morning)!

See you at the finish line, T!

With Love,

********************************If you want to support, Taria and me, click to tweet:**************************

I support @regalrealness & @brandihawthorne on their weight-loss journeys! You can do it, ladies! 

Likewise, if you’re on a weight-loss journey, leave a note in the comments! I’ve love to motivate you, as well!


About Taria:

Taria is the founding editor of Regal Realness.
Regal Realness™is a premier lifestyle blog that empowers women of color to build and radiate confidence from the inside out. This blog provides women with valuable insight, useful resources, and easy to implement solutions to discover their greatness within and come into their own in all areas of their life.
Some of my favorite articles from Regal Realness include:

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