Things I LOVED This Week! (LIST)

1. This week my husband touched one of my thorns. In other words, he kicked an old wound of mine. And, while he could have been more sensitive, had I seen this video BEFORE our argument, I would have realized that I was more responsible than I had originally thought. We all have painful thorns in our skin and we give people instructions on how not to touch them rather than just doing the work and pulling them out. Loved this video!

2. My blogging is so sporadic. And, that’s an A-list blogger No-No! So, I was glad when Michelle emailed me an easy way to schedule my posts. In the words of my toddler, “Sharing is caring.” Where does she get this stuff?! Here you go!

3. My baby girl can spell her first AND last name! When she called me over to the fridge, I was in total shock! So proud of her!


4. More mommy moments! She’s been in swimming lessons for 7 weeks now, but my husband took her because I was working. This week I got to attend her swim lesson. When we started swim lessons, she had JUST started getting comfortable with her floaties. Now, she’s a fish! *Makes fish lips at the computer screen which makes everything I said absolute FACT!*Image

5. Yes, yes and yes! <–That’s all I have to say! Click here to see the video!

6. I had the priviledge of being on a conference call with Ms. Sophia A. Nelson last week as a participant of the 2013 Women of Power Virtual Summit (hosted by Women CEO). She provided a lot of wisdom on how to brand yourself (which is exactly what we all needed to hear!!). I began to follow her on Twitter and bookmarked this article.

7. Between blogging, mommy-ing, wife-ing, working, and revamping my other website, my house is very unorganized. A friend and fellow blogger introduced me to the site that will change my life (and yours!!).

8. Doing Insanity + following Jesus = Someone should buy me this shirt! I wear a large. Quick shout-out to Michelle Myers, founder of www.crosstrainingcouture.comImage

9. In need of silver hoops + following Jesus = Someone should buy me these earrings! Aren’t they hot?!! Blessings Unlimited have some amazing products. Click here to browse the catalog!  Image

10. My mentor, Kim Hawkins of Sunshine Life Coaching, told me about this tool which rates your Facebook page. I knew I was the viral queen! But, I didn’t know I was lacking so strongly in all the other areas. : ( I have work to do! Thanks, Kim! Click here to get your score! Image

What are some things you loved this week? Share them with all of us in the comments! 

With Love,

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