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Why I Blog…(LIST)

I blog because….

1. I’m an interesting person who has something to say….about pretty much everything.

2. I like to write. And, I type 85+ wpm. (Yes, I’m somewhat of a genius.) 

3. I like to share. If asked, I’ll usually tell. (So, what would you like to know?) 

4. I want to create a platform so that when I begin my life’s work aka life coaching, I already have a fan base. (Have you liked my Facebook page? ) 

5. I secretly hope I can meet some really cool chicks along the way. (Finding real friends in your late 20’s is HARD! And, I’m in serious lack of girlfriends! Group hug!) 

6. I hope something I say will encourage another woman. (My prayer!) 

7. My husband plays Xbox.

8. I’m a wife and mother. Sometimes I just need to get away! (Blogging is cheaper than a glass of wine and spa pedicure.)

9. I like to network….behind the computer. (Working on this.) 

10. I like to! (And, that’s all the reason I need!) 

With Love, 

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