#IAmMySister / Woman, Heal! / Woman, Live!

How Are You…Really?

“Hi, how are you?”

Sometimes before you can fix your mouth to answer the other person has moved on to something else. “How are you” has become nothing more than a formality. No one really cares how your life really is, right? Consequently, people say, “Fine,” whether things are really fine or not. Today I saw a quote from United Way. It read:

If it didn’t matter, we wouldn’t ask.

This made me stop and think. Sometimes we ask things just to be nosey or to appear concerned.

 Let’s ask because we care. Let’s listen because we’re waiting to hear of our next opportunity to serve. And, once we hear of a need, we won’t walk away. We’ll do everything we can to meet that need. 

Aren’t those the kind of people you want to associate with? 

So, I’m really asking.

How are you? 

(None of the comments will be posted for this post. I hope this will encourage you to answer honestly. I’d love the opportunity to respond and pray for you.)

P.S. It’s okay if you’re not fine. I’ve found that once you move pass the facade, people rarely are.

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