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Heal Yourself. Heal Generations.

A grandmother took the wind out of her daughter’s sails while she was trying to show her what she considered an accomplishment. That  daughter ignored her daughter who was asking for her to take interest in something she was doing. When the grandmother left, the mother reflected on how she had been treated without realizing that she was doing the exact same thing to her own daughter. Feeling unwelcomed and insignificant, the daughter picked up her daughter and left. On the way to the car, she whispered in her little girl’s ear, “I promise to always acknowledge and support you. You will know I love you, not only by what I say, but also by what I do.” And just like that, the generations were healed.

Patterns repeat themselves over and over again. They become so familiar that sometimes we feel that it’s just a part of who we are and things will always be this way. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t have to participate in your family’s negative patterns. You can become a change agent in your family. Every generation is responsible for making life a little (or a lot) better  for the next generation. Don’t repeat destructive patterns. Seek healing for your hurts. Your healing isn’t only for you; it’s for generations to come. 

4 thoughts on “Heal Yourself. Heal Generations.

    • Thanks for your comment, Michelle. I’m glad you could appreciate the article. It is my hope that you’re doing YOUR work so that the generations after you are all the better for it! ; ) God bless.


  1. Being an agent of change is a choice that we can make daily and many times, minute by minute. We just have to have the willingness to do so. Love your heartfelt message Brandi.


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