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Cetaphil VS Cerave


My skin has always been a bit dry, especially in the winter, but it’s hit a whole new level of DRY since moving to Guam! If I forget to moisturize before leaving the house, patches of scaly, dry skin become visible as soon as air hits my skin. To make matters worse, my daughter has developed eczema. We eliminated some allergens such as fish, nuts, wheat, etc. and her skin cleared up in 2 weeks, but as we begin to re-introduce them, it came back. So, we begin eliminating them again, but had no luck the second time around. I guess the next step is to get her tested for allergies. The doctor recommended a moisturizing cream such as Cerave or Cetaphil. We tried Cerave first. It always felt a bit thick and sticky to me. Also, it never seemed to absorb into the skin. Once we ran out, I thought I’d give Cetaphil a try. We haven’t been using it long enough for me to know if it will make a difference in her skin. But, just the light and creamy texture and the way it absorbs into her skin has me sold (for the time being).I’m interested in trying other Cetaphil products, but first I want to  hear from you.

Where do you stand on the Cetaphil vs. Cerave debate?

Have you used any other Cetaphil products such as their face wash, soap, or lotion? 

6 thoughts on “Cetaphil VS Cerave

  1. My daughter recently developed eczema as well. She has it all over even in her face. We have always used aveeno. We were instructed to switch to eucerin once her prescription ran out. Needless to say, it didn’t keep her moisturized. We switched to lubriderm last month!!!! It cleared up within a week and keeps her super moisturized. We also use Vaseline at night in conjunction with lubriderm. We do use cetaphil for the daycare and purse bits it’s not our go to lotion.

    Mrs. Tykera Earl


  2. Vaseline is a great moisturizer and cheap. Both boys have eczema and have done well with Vaseline twice a day with Dove sensitive soap. We use hydrocortisone as needed.


    • MeeDeessa, I think you’re the 3rd person that has mentioned using Vaseline for eczema. I’ve replaced our Dove soap with Cetaphil soap because it seems to moisturize her skin better. I’m going to try the Vaseline. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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