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(Reprint) Your Time is Now: 4 Ways to Step into Your Purpose as a Speaker & Messenger

You cannot go back and make a brand-new start,
but you can start now and make a brand-new end.

—ME//Marshawn Evans

I stumbled upon Marshawn Evans because a twiend (Twitter friend, duh!), Vernetta Freeney of Women Are Game Changers, attended the Launch Your Dreams Tour and shared her experience with all of her followers. And, with a click of a button, Marshawn became my twiend, too. Now Marshawn doesn’t know me from Joe down the street, but she’s been speaking the answer to so many of my prayers! (When God says, “Ask and you will receive,” He wasn’t lying, y’all!) Marshawn has reignited the flame of building my brand around my faith! I had a dream before ever knowing her name, but what’s a dream without action? Marshawn has prompted me to get stillfind my voice, and understand my divine design. The article I’ve re-printed below has been in my Google tabs for over 2 weeks now. I glance at it a couple of times a day to remind myself of what I need to be doing. And, you know whenever I find something valuable, I have to pass it along!

 I’m looking forward to the day when I can say, “Thank you,” in person. But, for now, a reprint of her article to all of my followers will have to do! Everyone, meet Marshawn Evans. 

Have you noticed that time seems to be moving faster and faster? And that the people and things you need are appearing just when you need them? I have, too. Noticing and recognizing that time of need is the greatest opportunity that you will have as a speaker.  When there is greater need that means you will have greater income if you can meet that need—especially if you have the infrastructure, the business, the ability and the capacity to meet it.

Here are four ways to do just that:

1.  Change your attitude. You’ve got to learn to silence and proactively choose your thoughts. Part of this is being able to recognize your “Little Me” thoughts and understand what  your “Big ME” thoughts really sound like.  Here’s how I tell the difference: I know that God speaks in cans and not cant’s.  So I use that as my filter. Anytime I start thinking about all that is not possible, I know that it’s little ME just trying to hang on for dear life. When Big ME shows up, Little Me knows that he is not needed anymore and that he is on the way out. Here’s the thing: When you can silence your doubts and choose instead to listen to Big Me, you can know that you are going to be able to cross over to this promised place.

2. Become a recession rebel. You are creating your own economy. Believe me, this is not a popular belief in the world. You have to go against what you are normally used to doing and, more importantly,  you have to go against what everybody else is doing.  Traditional education can only take you to a traditional place and if you do the same things you always have done you will stay in the place that you already are.  If you do things the way everyone else is doing them, then you will stay in the place they are.  2013 is a rebel year… Blaze your trail!

3. Grow your visibility. I believe you start growing your own visibility right now and by any means necessary. You have to be committed and think “This is what I need to do so I am going to do it.  I don’t care how hard it is, I am going to figure it out.  I need to do this and I want to do this.” Mind you, I’m not saying, “Oh it would so nice and so great if I could do this, but it’s so hard…”

My friend, you are ready now. And your readiness has a melody to it and an energy to it.  So you really have to get serious about growing your visibility and figuring it out or aligning with someone who already knows how to do it.

4. Get serious. If you don’t do anything else, do this. You have to get serious about creating your own economy. You have to get serious about not playing small anymore. You have to get serious about not playing with this thing called destiny and tinkering with it and calling it your passion or your hobby or your side thing.

Your mouth has power and your words have power and you cannot take your destiny and call it your “side thing” or your “passion project…” The purpose that is embedded in your destiny will not play small.  It’s going to accomplish the purpose for which it was sent here and either you do something with it or it moves on to somebody else who will.

The truth is there are such things as seasons, windows of opportunity, seed-times and harvest-times. How dare we (I include myself in this) take the thing that God called us to do and say I don’t have time to do it because I am busy with this other project.

The longer you play, the longer you prolong your pay—your real pay.

You are a messenger. This is YOUR time. Get serious and step into it.


Marshawn Evans is a Global Mentor and Catalyst for Women looking to Launch Their Dreams and Live Their Purpose. She equips others to AMPLIFY their lives, their leadership and their legacy by teaching the principles of influence, branding, and divine purpose. Her weekly eZine goes out to thousands of subscribers. Are you ready to unleash your brilliance and align with your REAL destiny? Sign up for a FREE subscription at http://marshawnevans.com.

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