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Brandi, The Poster Child (Some of my FAV sites)

I’m such an inspiration junkie. Consequently, I love articles that inspire me to go gangsta on my goals, get clarity, become myself, and scratch that itch I call my dreams!

I want my life to be so outrageously LIVED that the authors of these articles say to their followers, “You want to know what we’re talking about? Go here. Look at her! She went from 800 lbs. to 110 lbs. in 2 weeks because she works out THAT hard! She started a women’s outreach ministry while working a full-time job and being a wife and mom. She climbs the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Lam Lam, every morning before breakfast. She skydives to the ocean, bungee jumps into the water, swims 300 laps, and rides to work on a dolphin. She travels to Africa and feeds starving babies during her lunch breaks. She builds houses for the homeless while on vacation. And, she flies her jet over orphanages and drop down toys, clothes, trust funds, and scholarships to all the children.” You know what I’m saying? I want THAT life where every endeavor is incredibly amazing and dripping with the favor of God! (You do know that ONLY God can give you a life THAT GOOD, right?)

So, there you have it. An itty-bitty sneak-peak into my dreams! (Click here to see my 30 before 30 list!)

And, maybe, one day The Fab Life ProjectShe DaresWomen are Game ChangersHappy Black Woman, Marshawn Evans, and Motivated Sista will interview me as the poster child of what they are trying to inspire in ALL women!

Much Love!

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