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What’s on your Regret List?

Sometimes I get so caught up in other things that I forget what’s most important. There isn’t a generic answer to this question. It’s different for everyone. And, some of us try but are unable to separate out what truly matters from the large pile of to-do’s on our plate. Let me help you.

If you died today, what would your regrets be? 

My regret list:

1. Not spending enough time enjoying my daughter. (I got this!)

2. Not making love to my husband enough.

3. Not mending things with my dad.

4. Not honoring my mom.

5. Not appreciating my grandmother enough.

6. Not losing weight. (I’m 30 lbs. down!)

7. Not beginning my ministry. (On a very small scale, this blog IS my ministry.)

8. Not spending enough quality time with God.

9. Not talking to my siblings enough.

But, my to-do list usually consist of:

1. Write a blog post.

2. Clean the bathroom.

3. Schedule some “me” time.

4. Stop by the Post Office.

My regret list consists of people and relationships. My to-do list consists of chores. Now, I’m not saying these things aren’t important. I mean, someone has to buy the groceries. But, these things shouldn’t shape our day. Instead, they should be peppered in here and there. But, we do the opposite. We make our day about our chores and pepper in the most fulfilling things when we have 5 minutes to spare.

Our day shouldn’t consist of things to do but people to connect with.

Do you want to die a life of regret?

Neither do I.

Take a moment and write down all the regrets you’d have if you died today. And, focus more of those things and less of all the other stuff.

3 thoughts on “What’s on your Regret List?

    • Right! That was my inspiration for this post. Anything that you would regret if your time was suddenly up…these are the things you need to be doing NOW! Thanks for reading & commenting!!


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