Woman, Eat! / Woman, Live!

What Do YOU Want?

The other night I watched Beyonce’s documentary “Life is But a Dream.” And, despite the many breakups Bey and I have had, she rarely fails to inspire me. I knew she would say something that I could use in my own life (hence the reason I grabbed my notebook and pen before hitting play). As we all know, Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles, was Destiny Child’s manager. When Beyonce and her father split, Beyonce became her own manager. And, the first question she had to ask herself was, 

What do YOU want?

This question is so important in part because it’s so rarely asked! When is the last time someone said, “The sky’s the limit. So, what do YOU want?” My first thought is, “Wow. You mean I get to choose? Me?”

When I go to work everyday, no one asks me anything. In fact, my whole job consists of working someone else’s dream so the question that guides my actions is, “What do THEY want?” And, who cares what I want? Absolutely NO ONE. I’m just a worker bee.

But, when I think about my goals, my dreams, my legacy, I become the Queen B and the question becomes,

What does Brandi want?

And, that causes me to take pause. (Pausing) What do I want? If I could create my life (and I totally can) what would it look like? That tiny little question puts the entire world right at your fingertips, doesn’t it?

Do I want to be a speaker? author? mother of 6? entrepreneur? trophy wife? missionary? Olympic swimmer?

We all have the power to create the life we want to live, but first you have to envision it. So, today, I encourage you to begin thinking about what your ideal life looks like.

What do YOU want?

Go. Dream. Be.

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