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Ask. Believe. Receive.

My Guam SistersBefore I moved to Guam, I prayed. A LOT. One of my prayers was that God would provide a playgroup for my daughter and I to join since we would be leaving all of her cousins and friends behind.

When we arrived on Guam, my husband showed us a play area in the mall. Not knowing anyone on the island, we visited that mall and play area often. One day, we went to the play area and noticed lots of  moms and children.

I’ll let my friends, Erika, Shoshanna, Brenda & Karen take it from here:

One Wednesday afternoon, we were trading phone calls right before playgroup, trying to decide whether to play inside or outside. It had been raining all afternoon, but wasn’t currently raining. Not all of us wanted to get muddy, so we decided to go to the mall. It was such a last minute decision that we were hoping we could get a hold of everyone before they were waiting at the Hilton playgroup.

While our kids were playing at the play area in the mall, we began to chat with another mom named Brandi. Soon Brandi realized that she wasn’t just meeting one mom, but an entire playgroup. We got her email address and invited her to join us, like we have with other moms many times, but seriously doubted she’d ever come. Little did we know that Brandi was so excited to join our playgroup, as she had been praying this prayer for an entire year! And, she hadn’t even been on Guam a whole week yet!

Can you imagine moving halfway across the world, not knowing a single person?

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to meet these ladies. And, I knew instantly that it was God who had orchestrated the entire meeting. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my husband what had happened! Little did I know, they would be chit-chatting over the next few weeks about how they, too, felt it was God who had arranged our meeting at the mall.

Had it not rained earlier, they would have met at the Hilton playground and we might have never met. 

It’s been almost a year since we met on that rainy day and they’ve been so kind to me and my family. We’ve shared picnics and cook-outs, Bon fires and church services, birthday parties and holidays, tears and long hugs. But, most importantly we share the love of Christ.

It wasn’t just Karen, Erika, Brenda, and Shoshanna that met me at the play area. It was Jesus that met me. He knew I’d be there and He was waiting for me to find the surprise He had set-up just for me.

That’s what we look like when we truly love our sister. When we smile and welcome her, we look like the face of Jesus.

There is a woman in your life that feels as though she lives on an island where she knows no one. And, she’s praying for God to send her someone she can call friend.

Will you be the face of Jesus for her?

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With Love,

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