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10 Habits I Need to Break

Lately my bestie, Joyce Meyer, has been tweeting about #habits.

Some of my favorite #habit tweets are:

Bad habits are our enemies because they hinder us from being the person we want to be. #Habits

It is time to renew your mind and become the person God wants you to be in every area of life. #Habits

Good habits can be developed, and any bad habit can be broken through repetition. Remember, God is with you and He’s on your side! #Habits

I have married myself to some pretty awful habits during my 29 years of living. And, I’ve fed those habits through years of repetition. And, I hate them. Thinking about them literally makes my stomach churn. But, in the split second where I have to chose between the “good thing” and the nasty habit, you already know I’m cuddling up with the nasty and kicking the good right on out the door. (shrugs) It’s a habit. (sighs)

But, Joyce is right. My habits are leading me in the opposite direction of my goals. And, that just can’t be. So, in an effort to improve myself, I decided to take her up on her challenge to Make 1 Break 1

It seems to be the common consensus that it only takes 21-30 days to create a new habit. So, every month, I’m going to make one good habit while simultaneously breaking one bad habit.

And, who better to share my bad habits with than my accountability team, YOU!

Here goes:

1. Ignoring my alarm clock to the point of putting my phone underneath my pillow, placing another pillow on top and then laying down on it.

2. Allowing my toe nail polish to deteriorate and vanish before re-polishing my toe nails. I thought of taking a picture. I changed my mind.

3. Wearing a wash ‘n’ go everyday. I’ve been natural for 6 months. Styling my hair for 3 hours….I don’t have time for that.

4. Procrastinating. I’m going to get my life together. Tomorrow.

5. Following through. I have good intentions of doing it. Tomorrow.

6. Being punctual. I went from CPT to IPT (colored people time to island people time). I can’t win.

7. Planning ahead. Yeah. I don’t have time.

8. Avoiding exercise & anything that makes me sweaty. I can think of 1 million other things I could be doing.

9. Going to bed late. But, I have so much to do!!!

10. Taking naps. I can’t get enough. Just enroll me in daycare and let me live happily ever after. Seriously.

As you can see, most of these are related to procrastination & getting adequate rest. So, many of these disgusting habits may actually be broken together (fingers crossed). But, in the meantime, I’ll let YOU decide which one I should attempt to break first. 

So, if you were me, which one would you start with?

Type your choice in the comments! 

3 thoughts on “10 Habits I Need to Break

  1. So proud of you conquering your habits. I think you should tackle going to bed early first. It will eliminate the need to ignore your alarm clock and the need for naps. Next, you should tackle planning ahead. If you can master that one you can eliminate 2-6. If you plan your tasks properly you can make time for the hair and spend your down time after a bath polishing your toes. Consider it a reward, unless you are like me and consider it a task. The exercise thing…on your own with that one. I am still trying to follow through lol!!!!! Keep us posted.


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