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4 Questions to Help Find Perspective While Working at a Job You Hate

I heard a lady speak this weekend and I thought she was awesome! In fact, I couldn’t wait to tell her afterwards. I patiently waited in the long line of admirers and when it was my turn I said,

Your message was so on time for me and my family. I loved how poised you were while on stage and how you kept us engaged. I, too, believe that I have been called to speak in front of large audiences.

She smiled and said (and I paraphrase),

When you’ve been called to speak, you’ll know without a doubt. And, it sounds like you’ve been called.  But in the meantime, be faithful where you are.

BUT, I’d rather be working on my own dream instead of fulfilling someone else’s, said the toddler in me. But, I couldn’t discredit her wisdom. Many of us drag ourselves out of bed and to a job that we’d rather not be at. But, it pays the bills and has good benefits, right? Or, maybe it’s barely paying the bills and has no benefits! (Bummer.) Either way, our current  job provides something we all need…INCOME.

You know what else it provides?


Wherever you are, whatever you do, there is something to learn that will prepare you for your dream job. You just have to find out what that is and capitalize on it. For example, I work as a pharmacy technician and it was an enjoyable job…when I wanted to be a pharmacist. Now that I no longer desire a career in pharmacy, the job doesn’t appeal to me as much as it did before. But, that’s okay because my current job and my dream job have skill sets that overlap. So, while I am working in the pharmacy, I am also perfecting skills that I will use at my dream job. For example, as a women’s ministry leader, I will be serving women from many different cultures and backgrounds. Picture this: I’m from SC, living on the island of Guam, working with Filipina women, serving Chamorro, Filipina, Asian, Caucasian and African-American patients. You can’t get much more cultured than that! I am in the perfect place to begin learning how to relate to, appreciate and respect diversity. This makes my job so much more than a 9-5. It is now a training ground for what’s to come.

God is a strategic God. Although we may not understand it all, He has a plan. And, His plan is to prepare you for where He wants to take you. Never think there isn’t a lesson. There’s always a lesson. And, you can’t be promoted if you don’t pass the test!


4 questions that will help you become excited about your current job again:

1. How are  your current job and dream job similar?

2. What skills at your current job will you need for your dream job? How can you perfect those skills?

3.  What are some characteristics of your manager/supervisor that you admire? Practice these.

4. What do people expect from you? (You are your own brand.) In what ways can you improve your brand?

With Love,

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