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Fasting for Family

Satan knows that God created marriage as a beautiful, living picture of Christ and the Church. God designed both marriage and the family for our benefit. Satan knows the value of the family, how it is the fabric of a good solid society, the foundation of vibrant growing assemblies, and the future of God’s work on earth. If Satan can be successful in tearing down the structure and substance of the family unit, then he will be successful in damaging what is dear to God’s heart. **

I was talking my partner in Christ, Tykera, a few months back about marriage. She began to talk about spiritual warfare against husbands which made me feel both sad and merciful for my own husband. This is his first marriage (and better be his only!) and Satan is trying to knock him down! It upset me. But, more than that, it prompted me to pray for my husband in a way I had never prayed before. It reminded me that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities (Ephesians 6:12). I could see Satan orchestrating an argument and laughing at us as we bickered with one another. You mean to tell me all the times I was upset with my husband, I should have been praying for him? Wow! What an eye-opener. And, then, I was reminded of the senseless deaths of all those children at Sandy Hook Elementary school. That next day as I dropped my three year old off at daycare, I prayed for her protection like never before. But, as time went on, I fell back into my old ways, dropping her off and speeding away. That’s when God reminded me of the importance of praying for myself! I can’t bless my husband and children with steadfast prayer if I’m not intentionally seeking God everyday. This is how Fast for Family began.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11:24)

We ask God for a lot of things, but are we asking God for the things that really matter? I’d love a new house and car, but more than that I’d love for my husband to hear God clearly. In fact, maybe we’d have new cars and houses, if we prayed for our husbands to be financially discerning and a good steward over their money. What if we asked God to to give our children hearts that overflowed with thankfulness? Or, what if we prayed that our children were respectful and kind to everyone? These are the things that will last. These are the things that will change generations.

Satan knows that marriage and family are two of the most important relationships. A godly mother and father will likely raise Godly children who will likely raise Godly grandchildren and it’s never-ending. So, if Satan can distract Dad, burden Mom and disillusion the children, he’s won.

Let’s not leave our families open for attack!

Join Mrs. Tykera Earl and me as we fight back every Wednesday through prayer and fasting!

With Love,

My partner in Christ…

Tykera is a wife, mother, and blogger.

Tykera is a wife, mother, and blogger. Did I forget to mention she’s a Jesus lover to the max? She’s author of Morning Songs & Bedtime Prayers.

**Quote taken from here.

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