Woman, Live!

{#ItsTime) Weight-Loss Journey: I Felt So Pathetic!

My first true test…

It just so happened that the day after I declared myself #readytolose50, my women’s Bible study group had a birthday celebration for 2 of our members. Had the celebration dessert been a brownie or cookies, I would have passed with ease. But, it wasn’t…

It was CARROT CAKE w/ cream cheese icing.

I mustered up the courage to decline.

“Brandi, you’re not going to have any?”


“Even though it’s your favorite?”


“Wow. That’s impressive.”

Between bites a friend murmurs, “Sorry Brandi.”

And, that’s when I felt it…

Shame. Pity. Sadness.

This is where years of eating whatever, whenever and not working out had left me…wallowing in humiliation while everyone ate my favorite dessert! I feel the exact same way when all the women wear bathing suits and I have on shorts and a shirt. There are certain things that are birthrights to ALL. And, those things are dessert and looking good naked!

Time to put in the work!

But, you better believe, once I lose this weight I will be treating myself to some Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Icing!


I see you licking your lips!

With Love,

{Are you also trying to lose weight? How’s it going? If you’re on myfitnesspal.com, look me up!}

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