Woman, Live!

{#ItsTime} Weight-Loss Journey: My Workout Is So Intense I Throw Up In My Mouth

I was minding my own business when I overheard someone say,

“My workout is so intense sometimes I throw up in my mouth.”

I just had to hear this!

I found out that she used to be fat (her words) and since she’s lost 30+ lbs. she can’t imagine going back to her old self. I must admit, she looks great! And although I’m not down with the taste of vomit, I wish I had this kind of drive. This woman jogs 3 laps and does Insanity…after work…IN THE PARKING LOT. Interest peaked, I asked, “Do you have a portable DVD player or something?” She said, “Oh no. I do it so much, I have it memorized.”


Someone with determination, that’s who!

As I shake my head and sigh a few times, I must admit, I’m not there. But, just because I’m not there today doesn’t mean I won’t be there someday.

Are you also trying to lose weight?

What are you doing?

Is it working for you?

With Love,


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