Woman, Live!

{#ItsTime}: Series Introduction

It is not a coincidence that you are here. You’re reading this post because it was written for you. There is something you need to do. You know exactly what it is. It stresses you out just to think about it. You avoid it as much as possible. Has that worked? No. Avoiding it has not made it go away. In fact, ignoring it is the exact reason it’s still here and unresolved. Your teacup chihuahua has now grown full-size into a Great Dane. It’s a boulder on your shoulder weighing you down. It is keeping you from living your best life.

Guess what.


Face the truth — It can be the beginning of a happier life. 

                                                                                      ~Joyce Meyer

Wherever you are right now, there’s more! SO MUCH MORE! And, you know it. You feel it everyday. Now it’s time to start taking steps in the right direction.

You ready?

With Love,

{#ItsTime is a series where I share my next goal/challenge and invite you to come alongside. If you haven’t already, do your homework. And, let’s slay these giants one by one as we strive to live our best life. Hint: You might want to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!}

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