Woman, Live!

Happiness Means I Stop Biting My Nails

It’s true.

First, I examine my nails and think to myself, ‘Don’t you bite your nails.’ Then, I start to bite because there’s this one uneven part that has to be bitten off. Ah man! I messed up. Now I have to bite the entire nail. Ouch! I bit too far down. Why did I do this? My nails are so ugly. I’m not biting my nails anymore.

Examines next nail.


And, this is just ONE of the TEN THOUSAND things that if I stopped (or started) I would be a happy camper. Unfortunately, the satisfaction of that moment is more important than the disappointment that follows. The pleasure of biting that nail is more important than my goal of well-manicured hands.

Maybe you don’t have an issue with scraggly nails and jagged cuticles, but I’ll bet there’s an area in your life where the satisfaction from a moment of weakness trumps your intentions of doing better for yourself.

What does that say about us?

Doing what we want to do right now is better than having what we want later.

But, wait, that’s not true!

Well, that’s what our actions are saying, loud and clear.

Everytime we choose the thrill of the moment instead of the accomplishment of the future, we boldly, perhaps ashamedly, state,

“My name is __________ and I’m not committed to being my personal best.”  

{Tell us what happiness looks like for you. What is stopping you from reaching your goals? Sleep? Procrastination? Lust? Love for material things? I want you to make 2 columns. In the first column, list all of the things that you want. In the second column, list the reason you haven’t achieved that thing. Hold on to your list because we’re going to take another peak at it later this week.}

See you in the comments!

With Love,

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