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{Life-Givers} 5 Blogs I Couldn’t Stop Visiting This Week – 02.23.13

This week I tuned into…

  1. AliBrown.com – I discovered Ali Brown when YoungFemaleEntrepreneurs.com featured her during their last live chat. I wasn’t able to watch it live, but something said “Tune in,” so I did. And, let me tell you…I was late picking up my toddler from school and my husband from work. Yep, it was that good! As a budding entrepreneur, I need all the resources, support, and encouragement I can get. And, believe me when I say, there’s heaps of it at AliBrown.com.
  2. YoungFemaleEntrepreneurs.com – Well, if they’d feature Ali Brown (who I now LOVE), I want to see more! I found YFE on @shenow_org’s Twitter timeline. After taking several glances, I love that they are all about connecting female entrepreneurs so that we can support, encourage, and move one another to greatness. I also like that they “introduce” me to a new female entrepreneur every week. So, even though I haven’t zoned in yet (and forgotten to make dinner), I’m on their mailing list and they are on my radar!
  3. Faithfulbloggers.com – I was Googling “How to Write Devotional”s when I stumbled across Courtney and Faithful Bloggers. As a baby blogger, I’m always looking for tips and information how to write better content, market myself, etc. But, what I won’t compromise is my Christianity. And, her site provides info on how to blog for the glory of God. Long story short, I subscribed. : )
  4. Traceeellisross.com –  Tracee Ellis Ross. I’ve loved her since the show Girlfriends. I just think she’s amazing! I think her FB page led me to her blog and I wasn’t sure if I really “needed” to be there or not. But, she’s so positive and cute that I couldn’t tear myself away. I’ve found that when people are themselves, it frees me to be myself. I begin to see the beauty in my insecurities, flaws, and short-comings because they’re all ME. Tracee does that for me…She’s not afraid to make an ugly face, be on camera without make-up, or have nothing to say.  She’s just herself. And, that’s enough. Surrounding myself with warm, happy, successful people (especially women) is always a win-win for me.
  5. BrandiHawthorne.wordpress.com – I bet you’ve been to this site already. : ) While Brandi Hawthorne is still in it’s beginning stages, it’s a site that you want to bookmark now. I’ve recently discovered my beauty. I’m falling in love with me and it feels amazing. And, I only have one person to shout-out in my thank you speech. God. My personal experiences, be they painful or pleasurable, have all come together to mold me into who I am. And, for one reason or another, I am uber passionate about speaking, sharing, and motivating LIFE in others. I do it so easily that sometimes I become Rev. Brandi and have to remind myself to take a seat. But, that’s what this blog is about. ME. I have something to say. Maybe it’s for you. Maybe it’s not. But, please, stick around long enough to find out!

{If you have a blog, article, movie, CD, etc. that gave you life this week, please share it in the comments! I’d love to check it out for myself!}

With Love,


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