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{Sharing is Caring} A Call to Become Yourself: Your Ideal Life

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I love to journal so when I ran across 10 Journaling Questions to Help You Envision Your Ideal Life by Rosetta Thurmon, I knew I had to share with all of you. Ok. I have a confession. I didn’t follow the directions, exactly. Since God had just awoken His dream in my heart, my mind was on my purpose and my career. So, when I saw these questions, I automatically begin to answer them with purpose and career in mind. I began to envision a job I love going to, a job that is an extension of who I am, naturally. So, when you answer these questions, keep the goal in mind. Answer them with regard to your God-Sized dream. Where are you now? Where does God want you to go? And, what can you do right now that would start (or continue) you on your way?

Rosetta Thurmon, founder of Happy Black Woman, has an endless bag of tricks that will help us get from point A to point B and beyond. Here are some of my favorite articles from her!

{Once you’ve had time to check out Happy Black Woman, tell us what articles spoke to you and where you are right now.}

Tomorrow we’ll see if you really have what it takes. 

See you in the comments!

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