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{Sharing is Caring} A Call to Become Yourself: Confirmation

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Whenever God puts a thought into your mind or a dream into your heart, He will confirm it.

The week that God awakened the dream He had for me, he confirmed it everyday for the next 7 days. And, I knew it, instantly! Not only did He confirm my dream, but He also showed me you and others who needed their dream awakened. Hearing from God can be hard because He doesn’t come to our house, take his shoes off, and say, “I want to tell you something.” The most important things are never the easy things! God speaks to our hearts. And, He confirms what He says through the Bible, people, and signs.  And, when He does, You know that you know that you know it was nobody but God. I’ll let Pastor Joel Osteen take it from here. 

As Pastor Joel Osteen ministers to your heart, allow yourself to dream of what your “ideal” life looks like and how that fits into what God has called (and confirmed) for you. We’ll explore this more tomorrow!

With Love,

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